Be As You Are


You are safe in Me.

     Forever you have been mine.

          Forever you will BE mine.

     I am with you.

There is no place you will go that I am not with you,

     For you are My Beloved One.


Rest in ME.

Rest every worry,

     Every care,

          Every concern,

               Every fear,

In and on Me.


Yes, how can you do that if you do not own them?

     Own them,

          Admit them,

               Then bring them to Me.


If you deny that you are feeling,

     However you are feeling,

Or deny that you are concerned,

     About whatever you are concerned about,

          And try to stuff that,

Not only have you invalidated a part of yourself,

     You have missed the chance to bring them to Me.


Come to Me

     Bringing and admitting

          And I will set you free

               For you are My Beloved One.



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