What banner are you flying?
What banner do others see?
What banner do you rest under?

My banner over you is LOVE.
Everything I do,
Arises from My love.
For I am Love.
I place a banner of Love over you.

Child, My banner of love is permanent,
But it is not static.
It is over you at all times.
Part of remaining in the secret place,
Is to recognize
What banner you are operating under.

Child, My banner is permanent,
But it is not immovable.
At times you will dance under it with sheer joy.
Then it is like a party banner--a festival banner.
Other times it is a shade--a shelter.
Still other times
You will need to reach up
Pull it toward you
And wrap yourself in it.

My banner is not static.
But it is always available
For my banner is my Love

But , child, you carry
Other banners
Banners that are not of Me.
Nor were you created to carry them.

Over all is still my banner of Love,
But you choose--have chosen,
To pull to yourself those other banners.
Sometimes, you have wrapped yourself in them.

Sometimes, something outside of you attempts to cover you with one of those.
You think, at times,
That those banners will solve your problems
    Your hurts
        Your pain
           That they will shelter you.

When you envelope yourself in those
My banner is still over you
But at that point you cannot see it
Or feel it.

Yes, Child,
Every counterfeit banner
Has been invited in some way
They have also, at times become
Comfortable--like old shoes.
They seem to fit.

Come to Me, My Beloved
Ask Me to show you and I will.

At times, you have laid them aside
At those times,
You have glimpsed my banner.

At other times--like in corporate worship,
My banner becomes visible also.

Child, this is the time
To permanently lay them aside,
    To destroy them, even.
So that they are gone,
    Not set aside
So that you can pick them up again.

Come, My child,
Enter fully into the secret place.
Reach up.
Wrap My banner around you.
Look around and give to Me--for destroying
All that I show you

My banner is all you need.
You can live life,
Wrapped in the,
Secret place banner.
It is eternal.

3-18-07 Joan Ray

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