As You Come

As you come and sit with Me,

I myself will embrace you.

It matters not how you come,

What state you are in,

Just that you do come

Whether in tears or joy,

Just come.


As you come to Me,

Sit with Me,

Rest in Me,

I will shine My light into your heart.

My light servers two purposes.

One is to lighten your heart load,

To lift from you your heaviness,

The cares of the day,

Or of life.

The other is to show you the cobwebs,

That you have not yet seen.

Beloved, even that (seeing cobwebs),

Is a good and glorious thing.

It lightens your heart as well.

For once the “cobwebs” are visible,

We can remove them.

When you see them,

You will want Me to help you

Get rid of them.

Aug. 2008

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