There is a Place

There is a place, a holy place, where my spirit dwells.
But not only that, it goes deeper.
There is a holy place, a sacred place--a sacred holy time that happens when a heart is fully open before Me,
Fully alive in Me and with Me.
That is the place of revelation.
That is the place of exchange--or restoration.

Each time you come before Me with your heart wide open,
You will receive.
I desire hearts that are open to Me.
I desire wills that are surrendered to Me.

You were created to “be” with Me.
To walk with Me.
To hear my voice.
I created you that way with that need.

You have chosen to heed the call to intimacy.
It is not easy all the time.
But Beloved there are great rewards.
So come,
Continue to come.
Continually come.
Rest on Me and in Me.
Cast your cares upon Me.
Ask for your perceived needs.
I will welcome you.
You are welcomed into My presence.

Each time you come,
You will receive just what you need,
For that time.
That hour.
That day.
For yourself.
As well as some to give away.

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