About withdrawing-------
     Consider it a retreating
          Not a retreating from
               Instead a retreating to Me.
You need a time to retreat to Me.
     To surround yourself with Me.
          To allow yourself to experience My Love, My Provision.

The cocoon you want,
     The space around you,
Is necessary because we are birthing a new you.

It is a sort of work.

Come to Me.
     Retreat as often as the need arises.

Let go,
     As you are,
          Of the unimportant.

Be assured that I will send you out whenever it is necessary.

When you need to come,
          If necessary, run.
But when I say, “Go.”,
     Then go.

Know that at times of retreat you may need a bother or a sister.
     Do not fear to call forth for them (as I direct).
They will come to you,
     Just as you have and will continue to go to them.

Continue to spend time with Me,
And in My Word.

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