The Sea

The Sea

The sea has always been here.
     It always will be here.
Where do the waves come from?
     They come and come and come without ceasing.
Sometimes tiny, sometimes large but without ceasing.
     They rush up to the shore and then they pull back into the sea.

So it is with you, my children.
     You flow.
You touch this one,
     You touch that one.
And then when you are in sync (with the Holy Spirit),
     You flow back to me.
Never ceasing.
     Always part of the whole.
Flowing this way and that at my discretion.
     No effort on your part, just relaxing.

People come and go, but I am endless with no beginning and no end.
Child, flow into my will.

Just as the sea contains countless drops of water,
     So my creation contains countless varieties of people.
But, oh my child, if you could all flow in harmony
     At my direction,
What beauty would exist in my world.

When you leave this place, take with you the picture of the gentle
swells---rising--flowing--breaking and then dissolving back into the whole. That is how all of you were created to be, moving and having your very being from within my will.

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