The Bottomless Well

The Bottomless Well

Picture a well and you are dropping stuff into it but it has no bottom so you can't get it back out because it's a bottomless pit but you can draw water, Living Water from it.

Child, There is a peace that is not outward.
Not false.
But arising from the core of your very being.
It arises from your center.

For Child, I am Peace.
I am not only Peace, I bring peace.
Internally and externally.
Internally to my children so that they can dwell in the peace
of knowing that I am with them.
In spite of the external.
Also peace that can be seen on the outside so that others are drawn to Me.

Come to Me.
     Your burdens,
        Your cares,
            Your woes.
As well as;
     Your hopes,
         Your dreams,
            Your plans.
Bring them all to Me .

Then drop them into my well.
It is a bottomless well.
It can hold all of your:
     Cares and hopes,
         Fears and dreams,
             Sorrows and joys.
All the "what is, what was, what never may be's,"
    Good or bad in your life.
It is a bottomless well.

When you let them fall
When you release them to me (and child, this is visual form of surrender)
Then from within the same well you will draw:

                         Every good gift.
All that you need or ever will need.
For it is made for you.

Do you see?
It is an exchange of your "stuff" for my "stuff".
And yes, sometimes you must visit that well often to release whatever the day or even memory has brought to you.

But child, just as I waited lovingly for the woman at the well, just as I offered her Living Water, So also do I wait for you and all my children at this well. I know your thirst. Will you come to the well? It is a divine exchange like:
     Water to wine,
         Blindness for sight,
            Death for life.

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