Prophetic Flow

Prophetic flow is when the river of God,
the spirit of God, is flowing to you and you have opened your heart to receive.

There is a stepping into the River of My Love
that preceeds the ability to hear the flow.

Yes, Beloved, I am speaking to you at all times.
And at any time,
From within a place of surrender,
You are able to step into the flow.

At times I know it seems overwhelming,
But remember I have said you will not be overwhelmed.

As to being allowed to step out, (of the flow)
Yes you are allowed,
And yes you can.
But, Beloved, My desire is that you will begin to ask Me
if it is my desire for you to remain there receiving in an overt way,
and passing it on,
or retreating for a bit.

Beloved you are receiving every day
at all times.
That is part of what you asked for when you asked to be aware of Me at all times.

Hearing Me this way, with this intensity is part of who you were created to be.
Do not fear the hearing.
Remember I am gentle and compassionate.
But I am also holy.
Look to Me for all you need, including when to step in and out of the flow.
You will be surprised at what you learn.

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