Our Kitty-Cat

Our Kitty-Cat

by Joan Ray
We have a little kitty-cat.
She has a harness on.
She believes she can’t walk with the harness on--so she flops down and won’t move.
Then being a cat, she forgets that the harness is on and she can´t move/walk,
So she gets up and walks.
Then suddenly she believes(remembers) she can’t walk so she flops down again.
Over and over all afternoon.
It’s so funny.
Her little kitty brain forgets and remembers. But what she thinks is not
true. She can walk with the harness. Just now she not only walked, she jumped
up on my bed and attacked me UNTIL she remembered she couldn't walk and flopped
The reality is she has a harness on and she can move normally in it. Her
false reality is she can’t and has to flop.
She is not even trying to get the thing off either.

We are just like that.
We think lies are true.
We believe things that other people have said about us. We believe things we
have said about ourselves. Things like, I can’t-------. I never----I will always---.

All of us have had bad/sad things happen to us. Life is full of circumstances
and words that are less than good. All of us have had our feelings hurt. Often
as a result we make a judgment about ourselves based on what we believe or what
someone said during that time.

I realized it is foolish to act on those beliefs. Did I realize that easily?
No, it was a struggle. Did I realize it suddenly? No, it took seemingly
forever. But last night in church a shift in my thinking took place. No, not my
thinking for that takes place in my head and head-knowledge does not bring
about change. My heart was opened and I heard/believed what God has been saying
all along.

He says we are His child, His friend, united with Him, etc. He calls us His
beloved. But we believe the lies we have received. Just like Kathryn’s kitty,
the lie seems more real than the truth. And then we act out of our false

During worship last night the Lord spoke into my heart:
"It is true that whatever you believe in becomes your reality.
That in which you put your faith becomes your modus operandi.
It is what you base your decisions on.
It determines how you live your life.
Faith is that which is unseen.
You act based on wherein your faith lies.
When you find yourself believing in--acting on that which is not true remind
yourself of that which you know to be true."

I am not a kitty-cat. Sometimes I act like one. But unlike the cat, I can choose to
believe what God says and I can cling to his truth and let go of the other.
I don’t know what happened last night. Somehow, in a supernatural way, my
belief system changed. I expect that like dominos other things will change too
as a result of this shift in thinking. I am looking forward to seeing what God
is going to do with this realization. I pray that you will be blessed by
reading it.

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