God Speaks To Us

God Speaks To Us

by Joan Ray

We know that God is speaking to us all the time. We know that he speaks to us in different ways. That he even speaks to us through creation. The sea roars of God. The sunrise and the sunset paint a picture of his beauty. A wild mountain stream speaks of his power and a gently flowing stream speaks of his love and his peace. We see in white water the promise of his refining that takes place in each life. The deserts, the valleys, the highest mountains all whisper and/or shout of He who created all things. We feel his kiss in the gentle breeze that blows and again his power in the whirlwind.

His voice is gentle.
     His voice is powerful.
          His voice is strong.
               His voice is all encompassing.
          There is no end to the sound of his voice.
Continually it speaks of his great love, care, and provision for each of us, indeed for all that is his.

He gives of himself continually to each of us.
His eyes are always on us.
He knows everything about us.
He cares for us.
He is our provision, our all, our everything.
He is the giver of every good gift.
Everything we have, every thing, and every relationship comes from his hand,
From his outstretched hand of love.
Yes, he corrects, he disciplines but it arises from his great love.

All he asks is that we come.
Offering all that we are,
     All that we ever will be,
          Every hope and dream,
                All of our past, our present, our future
                    To him.

Every thing we offer from a willing heart is as precious to him as a child's first muddy pie is to us. All that we offer is beautiful in his sight for he sees into our heart. Then he gives back a hundred fold. Not a muddy pie kind of thing either because he gives back to us "straight from his heart" of the love that we gave from our heart to him.

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