God's Mercy

God's Mercy

During worship, we were singing "Lord have Mercy"-----and I began to hear---

I AM a God of Mercy.
I am full of Mercy, abounding in Grace and Love.
I shower this Mercy, Grace and Love on you every day.
Lift your face, lift your countenance toward me as a sunflower
lifts it's face toward the sun.
The sun moves (appears to move), tracks across the sky each day.
Each day the flowers turn their faces to receive Life.

You, my children, need only to turn your faces toward me and remain in that position. For just like the sun, I never remove my face from you. You may choose to turn away, but I never turn from you.

Will you continue to show mercy toward yourself and others just as I show Mercy for you? I look continually with eyes of Mercy and you are called to do the same. For you are to be imitators of my son, Christ Jesus. He was full of Mercy, Grace and Compassion.

I am thinking that the earth orbits and turns at the same time. In other words, the WORLD causes it to look like the sun is moving. It is the world that causes the sunflower to need to turn. It is the world also, the world moving that causes the darkness of night.

But the sun HAS NOT moved it's position. The sun is a mass of incandescent gas. It is totally completely what it is. No changing sides. No dark side and light side. Just one huge mass of incandescent gas.

What is true in the natural is also true in the spiritual. Just like the sun, the SON just is. He is unchanging. Certainly what you see is what you get. In Him there is no darkness at all. What causes us to take our eyes off of Him? I think it is the cares of the world. So in both instances the world causes the perception to change. We perceive that the sun has moved it's position. The darkness is real during the night but it is not due to anything the sun (the source of the life-giving light) has done but rather the earth has rotated. Does that change the sun? Of course not.

Does God ever cease to radiate his life-giving Love toward us? I think no, he does not. We just forget that he is always there, always present. We forget to maintain our focus on His Goodness, His Nature and then we perceive (falsely) that he has removed his gaze. When in reality we ourselves have done so.

I am beginning to recognize in a more tangible way the actual presence of God. I am learning to focus on TRUTH rather than my skewed perception. God, who IS Truth says that he will never leave us or forsake us. So when we, or I, think "Where is God?", it is not God who moved but that I have taken my eyes away or my mind away from the only True Reality, the only Source of Life. And this is true no matter what is going on around me.

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