God's Love

God's Love

My child, you are loved, beloved. Allow yourself to be loved.

Being loved has nothing to do with external circumstances and everything to do with your heart-attitude. When your heart is surrendered to me, then you know you are beloved. When you come to Me to offer your heart, however it is at that moment, then My love pours through and to you.
Love to uphold,
     To cleanse,
          To fill.
To rise up from within and to encompass from without.
Love that is tangible and real,
     Persistent and ever present.
Love that never changes
     Never ends,
          Never rejects or condemns.
Love that receives you each time you choose to receive it.
Love that never varies in intensity,
     Though your perception as well as your ability to receive it may.

My love and I are inseparable.
I am who I am and my love just is.
My love is omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent and eternal.

My love for you has no beginning and no end.
Before time began I was.

My love is part of me for I am Love.

Nothing is done apart from or outside of my love.

You , my child, were called into being because of my great love for you.
Love that is without bounds and yet binds you to me.

There is nowhere you can go, no choice you can make, that will change my love for you.

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