by Joan Ray

God will make a way.
     Jesus is the way.
God will light your path.
     He will show you the way.

He will tear down the doors of prison,
     Whatever they are made of.
In Christ, he has already done so.

Sometimes it looks like this:

We (I) perceive that we are stuck, caught in a prison,
     Even one of our own making.
A prison constructed perhaps by sin.
     Not only our own but also that done unto us.
A prison with bars and an iron gate.
     Or so we think.
Then slowly,
     Or quickly,
Light is shined into that prison.
     At first from outside, dimly.
          Then brighter and brighter.

You begin to see the prison for what it is,
     A hindrance, a trap.
You know that there is another place,
     A better place.
Frantically you begin to struggle,
     To fight for freedom.
For you do not yet know that Freedom has already come.
     He is a person,

Then suddenly, it seems,
     You are out and you realize that for a long time
The door was open.
     Yet you could not see.
For your eyes of seeing were blinded by fear,
And hopelessness.

It was like a cocoon,
     It was open but the thinnest threads remained.
     They seemed a wall.
It took the love of another,
     A joining of two hearts at the foot of the cross.
For you to see past the veil.

Once you were out,
     You could see that the cocoon was meant to be a shroud.
Holding you back from life,
     Life lived in the presence and the knowledge of Him who is Love.

The struggle was not for naught.
     It made you strong.
But the time had come for freedom from that prison.

And so God, in Love,
     Engineered the circumstances of your life.
He arranged a meeting place,
     So that you could see.
And in seeing, become free.

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