My Child, My Beloved Daughter,
I am sorry you were bruised. It is never my intent to bruise my beloved. Sometimes bruising happens in the process of healing but that is not my desire for you or any other. I desire health and wholeness--- never bruising. I am the healer and Child I am already providing healing of the bruise. The bruise itself came from the process of healing. You have many scars and while this bruise did hurt, it is not such as will lead to a scar. I see your trust in Me and even, Child, in others and we will heal the bruise.

In my world there are many kinds of flowers. Many kinds of plants. If you look into that room, you could think of the people there as plants. People are not plants but there is as much variety in the human world as in the plant world, even more. So think of a daisy, think of yourself as a daisy. First of all you love daisies, do you not? Daisies are fragile. They are beautiful. A daisy plant grows and changes and produces many flowers. Think of the stem and the leaves of a daisy. Look also at the flower. Look at any member of the floral family, and there are myriad types even within the daisy family. Then think of a rose, or a tree. Think, picture, different types of trees and even the same type of tree at different stages of it's life.

A daisy is fragile, very fragile. A daisy is strong too. If a daisy does not get enough water, what does it do? If there is too much sunshine, if there is not enough shade, even if there is too much wind a daisy responds. What does it do? It wilts, the stem itself actually bends and the daisy hangs limp. But unlike some other flowers, a daisy can recover from that. Just pour on some water and up it goes.

You are like the daisy in both of those respects. You are fragile, you can wilt easily, but you can also revive easily without lasting damage. When you walked into your church worship yesterday, you quickly revived because you are created that way, like a daisy. Worship is living water, Holy Spirit Water and it revives the soul and the heart of my little daisy. Love is also replenishment for you. Seeing those you love revives you, as does just hearing their voice That is why you had the desire to hear a voice from home.

Within that room on Saturday, there were daisies, but there were also trees, flowering trees like the cherry tree. One approach does not fit all. That is why usually, when totally in tune with who I am and who each of you are, the same person would minister to each one in a different way. When they were totally in tune it also determined with whom they each would minister. For you a meeting like that is like too harsh of a wind, but while it did feel like an assault, and Child in a sense it was an assault, it caused no lasting damage. The good for you will outweigh the bad.

If there are portions of the root/stem system of a daisy that have become infiltrated with other than daisy molecules, then, yes they need to go but gently and carefully my child. Gently-- for a daisy is delicate. That is why you are to be patient with your own journey to purity and freedom in me. (You are already, my child, free in me and you know that feeling, for you felt it yesterday in worship.)

There is one healer, there are many ways to receive healing. You are a healer, and child you will offer to others the healing from a daisy heart and personality. Gently, kindly, with compassion.

Rose knows what kind of flower she is most like too and she also is delicate and gentle, so is Robyn that is why you are drawn to them and others like them. You are all delicate gentle people. Fragile even. And that is good for that is how I created you to be. I love my fragile flowers as much as the more hardy type. You will at times, wilt but you will also revive quickly. for you are also strong and I am with you.

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