Feelings Bottled Up

Feelings Bottled Up

by Joan Ray

Feelings, Bottled Up, Stuffed Down

     Bottled up,
          Stuffed down,
               Denied and,
                    Separated off.
Becoming (in a sense) not a part of you.
     But causing (at the same time) you
          To be not a part of yourself too.

So that you,
     The you
          Who He created,
               The whole you,
                    Are unknown
                         Even to yourself.
But not to God
     Who sees "it" all
          Remembers "it" all
               Forgives "it" all
                    And loves you not just in spite of "it"
                         (whatever your "it" is),
                       But because of "it".

Until we face and embrace whatever it is that seems now,
     And surely seemed at the time,
               We can not live fully alive.

The walking wounded are the ones who walk in death,
     Death to a part of themselves
          A part they may even not know
     A part that is separated because it is/was deemed unacceptable but
          Which must be accepted,
               Embraced even,
                    To be redeemed.

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