My Child,
There is a depth that comes from entering a time of deep;
     Deep despair,
          Deep joy,
               Deep longings,
                    Deep desires.

Any time and each time one of my children enter willingly into a drawing apart to Me there is a new depth of intimacy,
     A new deepening experientially of Who-I-Am.

It seems to make no sense that a time seemingly devoid of My Presence will lead to a new awareness of Who-I -Am.

But, Child, sometimes when I withhold that which is customary for a season then when it returns it becomes new and fresh.
     I do not change during these times.
          I do not leave you alone,
For I have given My word that I will never leave you nor forsake you.

Sometimes it is a testing.
But Child, I am not testing you so that I can see what is in your heart for I am He-Who-Knows-All.
     Rather I am testing you so that you can see what is in your heart.
          So that you can see how real is your desire to walk with me.
     So that you can see how real is your trust in me.

All that I do--- all that I allow is for your good and the good of each of those I love.

Think of the birth of a baby--is there pain?
               Unbelievable joy?
Is love in your heart swollen up so big it seems it might pop?
     Is awareness of Me tremendous?
Yet is it also a time of transition?
     Is there a period of adjustment?
Does the love you feel for the little new one cause you to love others less?
     Does your love abate--or does it grow as the child grows?

It is often in times of stretching that I am moving the most on your behalf.
     Because of My great love for you.

I am your father and you are my child,
     Created out of My rich love and desire for you.

Will a parent say "no" to his child?
     Will there come many times to a child times of not understanding what an earthly parent is doing?
Then how much more so My relationship with each of my children.
          I am God:
               Of life ,
                    Of love,
                         Of circumstances,
                              Of all that affects you,
          And God even of every affect too.
You are my beloved child.
     I am always for you,
          Always nearby,
               Always surrounding you,
                    Always, always I go before you.
               Forever and always,
                    Everything I do comes out of My great unfathomable love                          and caring for you.
For you are My beloved.

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