A Call To Prayer

A Call To Prayer

When my children heed the call to come into my presence with no hidden agenda , just to seek my face, heaven and earth will move.

Do you think that the enemy of your soul desires that?
He will make every attempt to stop my children from seeking my face.

The coming together that I desire for that time is just as you have done,
to sit at my feet and listen for whatever I place in your hearts and then to
lift it up to me.

Whenever a people or a group begin to acknowledge that desire, which by the way, is a desire placed into your hearts by me, interference is likely both in the natural and the spiritual.

Place is less important that intent.
Pressing on is of utmost importance.

You have heard correctly. I am bringing each of you to a new place in me.
You have hearts that truly seek after mine.

So as long as you make every attempt then whatever happens,
as it did yesterday, can be lifted up to me for my solution.

Come, continue to come.
In time others will come.

Seek my face .
Lift up to me whatever I place into your hearts.
Then relax and watch me work.

Remember to to set aside a time each day for the same kind of prayer at home or wherever you are.

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