Books of Remembrance

Books of Remembrance

What do you want on the shelf of your life?

Do you want to hold onto the books of remembrance?

Or would you like to take them off of your shelf?

You asked me to soothe your soul.

I stand and offer to go with you and remove those books which hold curses and unforgiveness.

Turn to Me in prayer.

You will take each book I lead you to, lift it off, and hand it to Me.

For, Child, they are too heavy for you.
They bend and bow the shelves of life.
They take up room in your mind and in your heart.
Each is filled with self-fulfilling curses.

The memory will remain but the power of the curse on your life will be broken.
You are safe and you will be safe with me.

These are not witchcraft curses but more like thought or word curses. Patterns of thinking,"I will never blah,blah,blah Or "because such and such then blah, blah, blah will always blah, blah, blah."

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