Bonsai Trees

Think of a Bonsai tree.  If left alone it would have grown to a huge tree.  But in the hands of a master artist, it becomes a Bonsai tree.
A Bonsai tree is very pruned.
But the end result is very beautiful,isn't it?
You would think it would kill a tree to be made to be like that (to be so pruned).
But it does not.
It is very hardy and can  live to be hundreds of years old.
A Bonsai tree is a work of art formed by a  gifted, specialized, master artist.
In seeing it....the end result of all that pruning...
People find a source of peace.
We can be like a Bonsai tree in a way.
The pruning in our life forms
us into a person of beauty
Unique ----each of us different.
Each of us a source that He uses
to show others the way to PEACE which is himself.

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