Being Real

Being Real

To be real before Me is to just come, however you are.
     Come to Me,
          At any time,
               From within any time,
                    For any time.
Spend time in My embrace for that is when you will realize/learn
who you are and so become more real.

Part of being safe is to come as you are and from whatever place you are in.

When you are sad,
          Come unto Me.
               Embrace the sadness,
Share with Me the cause or the perceived cause of your sadness/sorrow.
Child, sorrow is an acceptable feeling.

Come, my child, when you are filled with anger.
Don't worry about if or if not the situation warrants anger.
I was angry.
Anger just "is".

Come,my child, just as you are at any time,
you are always welcome.

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