My Child

My Child

by Joan Ray

My child,
I stand before you,
At all times
From within all times:
    Happy times,
        Sad times,
            Good times,
                Bad times,
                    Times of victory,
                        Times of defeat,
Times when coming to Me is scary,
    Times when coming to Me seems impossible.
At all times,
My Beloved, I stand before you.
    I am always the same.
        I never change.
My heart is always filled with love for you,
My arms are always open to receive.

    At all times,
        From within all times,
My arms are open wide.
    I stand waiting
        For you to come.
When you come,
    Each time you come,
        Every time you come,
I will enfold you in My love.

You can not see Love,
    But it is not intangible.
        You saw it the other day.
It is like that banner, sheet , blanket you saw Me holding.

My love encompasses
    All that I am.
When you come to Me and Allow Me
    To enfold---
        To wrap you in my love,
Then Child,
    When you are in Me,
        Wrapped in My love,
Then you are within,
    All that I am.

I am all you need.
And I stand and offer to wrap you,
    In all that I am,
        All-that-I -have,
Everything you need.
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