Aba Father

Abba's Love

I am Abba,
        Your Father,
                  Your Daddy.
More than that I am your potter.

I created you.
You are the work of my hands.
In you I am well pleased.

Even more:
        I love you with a holy love,
                  A passionate love.
A love that has no end,
     A love that began before you came into being.

My love never wounds.
        My love always heals.
My love is never selfish,
        Though it is a jealous love.

I hold you gently in the palm of my hand.
My desire is for you to remain there.
But even if you stray,
My love remains unchanged.

You have never been, nor ever will be,
        Apart from love.
For my love hingeth not on you.
        Not on your actions
Or inaction.
        Not on choices made.
Or choices unmade.
My love IS because I am.

My love is pure.
My thoughts toward you are of utmost purity.

My love never wavers, never changes.
Every aspect of my character is manifest in my love.

My love guards,

All of my actions are done with forethought and foreknowledge.
My love is never punitive, but always just loving.

I desire for you to rest in my love.
       No matter what (is going on).
          No matter how (you feel).

I desire for you to know that you are secure in me.
     Safe in me.
        Tenderly held in me.
   A beloved treasure,
          A gift.

You are not a failure,
   A weight.
     A sorrow.
You are a blessing.

You bless me with your love,
     Your worship,
           Your very being.

Come to me.
     Continue to come.
        Be persistent in your coming.
          Persistent in your turning.
            Persistent in your returning.

I am Love.
And you, my child are my beloved.

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